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Please review the Organization and Event guidelines BEFORE submitting to find out if your organization/event qualifies.


  • Event primary images should not have text inside the image. This includes date, time, location, etc. This is both for accessibility and marketing purposes. We encourage you to use a related photo of the art, artist, or venue. Stock images are acceptable if no other image is available.
    • Beginning July 1, 2023, events using primary images with large text blocks will be rejected until updated with a different primary image. You are welcome to include your text-based image as an additional gallery image upload.
  • You must include a website URL to your event or organization.
  • We encourage you to submit your event 2 weeks before the event’s start date to ensure maximum promotion and views. ArtsKC staff aims to approve events within 5 business days of submission. During the holiday season (October 15 – December 31) please allow up to 10 business days for approval.