Anita Shikles

Anita Shikles



I am Anita Shikles, Artist.  I have worked as a full time artist for over 25 years, and travel throughout the Midwest to do commission work.  I have work on exhibit at Bonner Springs Arts Alliance, and other locations.

I do a variety of visual arts, mainly etching on stone and paintings.  My background is in illustration, and I offer historical and realistic style art.  My stone etchings are done on monuments and headstones, as well as granite and marble tile and polished stone.  My

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Professional Services

Professional Services: Visual Commissioned Work, Instrumentalist, Live Painter, Muralist, Professional Development, Teaching Artist | Presenter


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Now Showing Program

Now Showing Applicant: Yes


  • 1920 Church, built in the 1880s, but used for many years. Still standing and used for meetings.