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Braxton Fuller

An artist is a person that survived.

Braxton Fuller is an American contemporary artist (b. 1992), based out of Kansas City, Missouri. With a unique artistic journey that began as a poetry writer, he has since evolved into a creator of thought-provoking text and symbolism art. Braxton’s innate ability to express himself through language gradually led him to explore the visual realm, where he discovered the power of symbols in enhancing his artistic expression. 

Each artwork represents a significant period in his life, serving as a visual conduit through which he communicates his personal journey and emotions. Through the use of various mediums, Braxton’s bold symbols and wity text work serve as a constant reminder of the importance of effective communication in our lives.

At present, Braxton has shifted his focus back to text-based artwork, leveraging his experience and knowledge to make a profound impact in the art world.

Braxton’s artistic journey serves as a testament to the power of self-discovery and the infinite possibilities that lie within the intersection of language and visual expression. Through his art, he not only reflects his personal experiences but also invites others to explore the depths of their own emotions, fostering a sense of shared understanding and connection in a world often challenged by communication barriers.

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Professional Services

Professional Services: Visual Commissioned Work, Live Painter, Muralist, Writer


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