Carl D'Amico

Now Showing is a program designed to foster partnerships between individual artists and businesses by providing opportunities for metro-area artists to display their work in the conference rooms, lobbies, and office spaces of local companies. For more info visit:

D’Amico is a Scenic Detailed Colorist that works primarily with pen and ink, liquid acrylic, water color and some colored pencil. His inspiration for his drawings comes from his own Amateur Photography, identifying as a mix between a Realist and a Expressionist in his interpretations of scenic displays. D’Amico seeks to use colors that he feel dictates the mood of a picture more than its realism and layers them on top of each other until he feels that they have reached their highest

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Now Showing Program

Now Showing Applicant: Yes

Registered for Artists Sunday

Registered for Artists Sunday: Yes


  • Acrylic on Clay Board
    16 X 20 inches