Gayle Faulkner

Now Showing is a program designed to foster partnerships between individual artists and businesses by providing opportunities for metro-area artists to display their work in the conference rooms, lobbies, and office spaces of local companies. For more info visit:
Gayle Faulkner


As a full time artist, I have been producing and selling my work for about 40 years.  I have won numerous awards and have work across the United States and around the world.  For many years, I worked in watercolor and mixed media.  I am now working in Textural Acrylics on canvas.  My paintings are created primarily with a palette knife and are colorful, whimsical and engage the senses.  I create in a variety of sizes and am exploring landscapes in all seasons as well as some animals and

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Professional Services

Professional Services: Live Painter, Teaching Artist | Presenter


Price: $$$

Now Showing Program

Now Showing Applicant: Yes

Registered for Artists Sunday

Registered for Artists Sunday: Yes