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Mark Freeman

I love abstract expressionism. I connect with it. It makes sense to me, and it offers me the opportunity to express feelings and energy to the canvas.  I also enjoy hearing the nearly unlimited interpretations of my work from viewers finding their own observations in the work, which may differ greatly from mine. I like to paint abstract art because I like to paint things that don’t exist and things that exercise and stretch the mind. I like large canvas. I usually paint in relatively rapid, physical movements. I often begin my work with guttural mark-making using graphite or dark acrylic marker before moving into acrylic paint colors. The base of my paintings often begins with Mars Black or Phthalto Blue for the density those tones give my work. From there, much is intensely color driven. I find muted tones and earthy colors less gratifying – I call them “lithium tones” as they seem sedated to me. To some extent, I have a photographic memory. Much of my art is inspired and shaped by nature and things I have observed and visualized during the creative process. I like action and movement and energy so I have no problem generating my art while listening to many forms of music, usually played loud enough to get me in trouble at home where I currently studio.  

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