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Nancy Basinski

Under the Stars

I cannot remember not being interested in creating art.  My art journey has involved studying under nationally known artists in Minnesota, Michigan and here in Kansas City.

I would say that my style is a blend of expressionism and impressionism with impasto abstract qualities.   Using texture and color to lead the eye into my paintings, invites viewers to explore the story I am trying to convey.  I love to use luxurious color and contrast to create the design, shape and form of my subject matter whether it is in my textural landscapes and seascapes or abstract paintings.  At the moment I work in both thick acrylic paint and in oil paint using palette knives with acrylics and mural brushes and palette knives with oil paint.


Professional Services

Professional Services: Visual Commissioned Work, Live Painter


Price: $$, $$$

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Now Showing Applicant: Yes


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