Rebecca Tombaugh

Rebecca Tombaugh


The Pandemic has changed me. I used to paint wildly with abandon in full colors of acrylic ink. My brushes were calligraphy pens. I called them “inkings.” But in March, I started painting snow fences. Hundreds of snow fences. Black and white only. I couldn’t paint in color. Then I painted some landscapes. Traditional Chinese ink with a tiny tiny brush. I wasn’t outside doing Plein Aire, I was in my studio (back bedroom) sitting at a table. Hurting, mostly. I painted a falling flag, then birds,

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Professional Services

Professional Services: Visual Commissioned Work, Live Painter, Muralist, Teaching Artist | Presenter, Writer


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ArtsKC Supported

ArtsKC Supported: Yes


  • Pre-Pandemic I painted this 15-foot mural installed at The Non-Profit Village at 31 W. 31st. St.