Art at KCI: Wall-based Artwork Concourses A & B

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Art at KCI: Wall-based Artwork Concourses A & B



The City of Kansas City, Missouri One Percent for Art program seeks to commission professional visual artists based in the Kansas City area to create new wall-based works of art to be placed in Concourses A and B in the New Single Terminal at KCI airport.

Wall-based/wall-mounted artworks may include (but are not limited to) traditionally framed drawings, paintings, photography, textiles, mosaic or tile wall hangings, mixed-media or assemblage, digital art displays, artwork utilizing electricity or digital components, relief or wall-mounted sculptural works (under 4″ depth).

Wall-based pieces will be located on the porcelain tile walls at the north and south ends of the gate lounges. To avoid interference with the adjacent seating and air delivery, the site for these pieces is a zone five feet above the floor, three feet below the ceiling, and three feet horizontally from either end of the wall. Pieces may be relocated between gate lounges occasionally, giving passengers new experiences of the art over time. As artwork will be within the passenger space, frames should be designed to withstand occasional contact from passengers. Frames with UV-resistant plexiglass, D-rings and picture are to be supplied by the artist as part of the commission budget.

Along with CV/Resume, letter of interest and portfolio images, please include sketched images of your artwork proposal, a written description, and budget. Your proposal may include a single artwork or multiple artworks as a cohesive group. The total artwork area may not exceed 4′ h x 20′ w x 4” d.

All applications must be submitted by June 18th, 2021 through



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