Sharif Bey: Ancestral Vestiges

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Sharif Bey: Ancestral Vestiges

Sharif Bey: Ancestral Vestiges | February 3, 2023 – August 5, 2023 | Belger Crane Yard Gallery |Ancestral Vestiges is a continuation of Sharif Bey’s exploration with functional and ritual clay objects.

“I describe myself as a sculptor who’s embracing his identity as a potter and looking at the history and repertoire of functional pots to predicate my sculptural works . . .” – Sharif Bey

Inspired by modernism, functional pottery, Oceanic Art and Art of the African diaspora, Bey’s works investigate the cultural and political significance of adornment and the symbolic and formal properties of archetypal motifs. Ancestral Vestiges includes vessel-inspired mixed media works (Kiwi Bird

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