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627 Stomp is a growing non-profit organization indebted to the rich history of Kansas City jazz culture. Named for the Pete Johnson hit – itself an homage to the venerated
Local 627 musicians’ union – it strives to create a sustainable community of dancers, musicians, historians, and regular citizens alike in pursuit of preservation, education, and sharing of this unique heritage. Currently, the group specializes in spreading accessibility and awareness of vernacular jazz dancing through

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Subscription or membership information, if applicable.:

Members are vital to keeping the mission and culture of 627 Stomp alive and, we want you to help! Become a subscribing member and help us make an impact! Membership Pricing: Tier 1 - $30.00 Annually Tier 2 - $60.00 Annually Tier 1 Membership Benefits: A one-year membership to 627 Stomp, proven with a membership card providing your name and membership tier. 30% discount on all classes and workshops organized by the corporation, as well as specified sponsored events where the corporation has the right to determine ticket prices; a 10% discount on any group rates offered to the corporation when attending out-of-town classes or workshops held by other organizations. First access to any 627 Stomp produced content, including recaps of dance workshops and classes, and historical research. Voting rights as they pertain to the selection of class and workshop types to be provided by 627 Stomp, and other opportunities explicitly stated by the corporation. Any other benefits which the executive committee may make available at a future time. Tier 2 Membership Benefits: Access to all privileges and discounts offered to the Tier One membership class. Ability to be nominated and considered for vacancies on the board of directors, subject to a majority vote of the Tier Two membership class. Voting rights at the annual membership meeting to vote upon and select the corporation’s board of directors. A one-time, free monthly dance series of their choice.

Subscription Website: https://www.627stomp.org/#vision_membership



  • New Years Eve 13' Performing with Victor & Penny & the Loose Change Orchestra at The Kauffman Center of the Performing Arts

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