Artists Sunday

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Artists Sunday is a national marketing campaign and event encouraging shoppers to purchase from artists and craftsmen. Think of Artists Sunday as a Black Friday, but for art, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Participation is free for professional artists and not-for-profit agencies and organizations.

Artists Sunday unites individual artists and supportive organizations across the country, creating a voice of 1,000’s, all promoting the purchase of art during the busiest shopping weekend of

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Our Response to COVID-19:

We know many people and organizations are struggling in these unprecedented times. The Coronavirus / COVID-19 has altered all of our lives, top to bottom.

That’s why the process of participating in Artists Sunday as simple and painless as possible. We ask that you take a moment now to sign up with an eye on the fall.

When October arrives you’ll receive your comprehensive Artists Sunday Marketing Toolkit, making participation easy and simple.

Fall seems like a long way away off, but we hope you take a moment and sign up now. It only takes few minutes and the more artists and non-profits who join the program, the louder our combine voices to the media and consumers will be in the fall.