Gallery Athanor

Gallery Athanor located in Kansas City MO



I run and curate an in-home gallery from my own house. It is small, cozy, and intimate at only 11.5×18 feet. Modern art galleries provide vast open spaces, giving each piece plenty of room to breathe in minimalist harmony with one another. It is clean and organized and beautiful. That can make the art feel out of reach – don’t stand too close, don’t breathe in the direction of the art, view from a distance. My goal is to challenge that image. I want to blend the reality of “buy art I like and

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Our Response to COVID-19:

Masks are required. This is non-negotiable regardless of Covid vaccine status.

Covid is still very much active. Part of my personal advocacy work is creating spaces in which disabled and immunocompromised folks are able to enjoy societal participation from a place of safety. As someone who now lives with long-Covid and is immunocompromised myself (and since I also live in the space where my gallery is), keeping exposure to the pandemic as minimal as possible not only keeps me and folks like me healthy, but it also keeps those with stronger immune systems functioning at maximum capacity. In other words: everyone wins. Wearing a mask for 45 minutes or so during your visit to my gallery will have a positive impact. I’ll be right there wearing one with you. We can be healthy and cute together.