Sol Sistas

Sol Sistas located in Kansas City MO



Sol Sista’s was started by two sisters in Kansas City, MO. We are artists and we want art to be available to anyone. Whether you’re shopping around for that perfect unique piece of art or you’re an artist looking for a space to sell your art. We are here for you.

Our goal is to provide art anybody can own. To provide an affordable online space for artists to show, sell, and get likes, followers and leads.


Subscription or membership information, if applicable.:

ARTIST ADVANTAGE Free Application. Grow your customer base! You don’t have to maintain or update your items. Your listed artworks are kept online until they sell. You keep the artwork in your possession, no need to transport the artwork until sales are finalized. No maintenance or paid listings like eBay, Etsy and other platforms. We handle social media and marketing - Get new fans! Reach more followers! ACCEPTED ARTWORK Original Art Handmade or handcrafted items (non-manufactured products) Prints FEES $20 initial listing fee per artist, once accepted. Artist keeps 72% of sales. Sol Sistas handles shipping costs. ONCE ACCEPTED Artist must sign contract. Artist must list at least 5 items to be a featured artist. (we do accept artists with less than 5 items). File formats: JPG, TIFF. You will need to fill out an additional form to complete registration. Items needed include: art files, address, artist bio. Each piece of art must include: title, medium, dimensions/size and shipping weight.

Subscription Website: