Alex Hamil

Alex Hamil

Now Showing Applicant - Visual - Arts Education, Event Director (Brush Creek Art Walk), Fabricator

 (816) 718-8380

   3500 Wyoming, Kansas City, MO, 64111

Alex Hamil is a former instructor in digital technology, humanities and the visual arts. While completing a BFA from KU (’92) the teaching bug bit Alex during his summers working as an art instructor with elementary and middle school students, so as a commercial artist in television, print and advertising, Alex continued his collegiate studies in art education at Park University. As a technology instructor at St. Elizabeth (Waldo/K-8) for five years, Alex completed his Master’s in Humanities (M.Ed.) from Rockhurst in 2005 with a thesis in media literacy. Working for admissions at KCAI (Kansas City Art Institute) and later with their Continuing Education program in high school portfolio development, Alex also served as an adjunct Humanities instructor and has instructed Kindergarten through post-secondary education for well over a decade.
As a studio artist, Alex is also a visual arts cheerleader, encouraging his fellow artists to take their studio work outside and for the last three years he has served as Director for Brush Creek Art Walk which is one of Kansas City’s largest annual outdoor painting competitions held annually in mid-September. A lifelong KC resident, Alex continues to hone his craft in the fabrication industry and currently works in Lenexa, Kansas (at Dimensional Innovations) as the lead in their can letter department in order to suppliment his studio practice of watercolor, oil and 3-dimensional media.

(50 word Statement)
“I tend to define my studio work as both traditional and experimental often incorporating new approaches using familiar media. Though seldom satisfied with the results, I leave the judging of my art to the public and continue to challenge both the materials and myself in the process.”

– ACH 2018

(Additional Statement)
One benefit to art is subjectivity. What the artist may see as a failure may be seen as
worthy by audience standards. ‘Failures’ are to be embraced as mistakes worthy of correction. Asa designer and fabricator for the last five years in the commercial sign industry I’ve recognized concept and action as two mutually exclusive provisions. Moving from the two-dimensional to the more ever present three-dimensional realm has provided both benefits and setbacks. I have yet to fully apply this new degree of awareness on a consistent basis in my current studio practice. I see my studio work as a source of daily inspiration meanwhile my current occupation simply for the provision of a daily income in a job I’m both passionate about and one that allows me to pursue these studio efforts. One day, if I am able to finally bridge these two realms – the struggle will definitely be worth the pain. – ACH 2018

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