Tina Blanck

Tina Blanck

Website: https://www.tinablanck.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

   639 W 57th Ter, Kansas City, MO, 64113

I have always liked creating artwork on a large scale. The process of taking a small object and doing it BIG and BOLD is so much fun to me and for my clients.  What inspires me the most is color in nature and the beauty that can be found in everyday simple objects.  Color makes me happy!

I have a unique painting technique that I call “MOSAIC PAINTING”. I use drywall mud to give texture to my board and after painting the base color, I sketch my design in charcoal.  I mix my paint and with sponges in various simple shapes-circles & squares-I apply my paint.  I LOVE the idea of taking small motifs and paint them large with bold vibrant color!

I enjoy letting the vivid colors and simple shapes transform the total painting into an interesting, textural piece of art that truly does resemble a mosaic.  Sometimes it takes another glance to see that the creation is simply paint.  I LOVE the energy that color can bring!