Roger Ridpath

Roger Ridpath


   7304 NE 84th Ct, Kansas City, MO, 64157

Although Ridpath’s curiosity was initially piqued at the age of 9 by his first camera, a boxy Kodak Hawkeye, today he almost exclusively employs Canon equipment during his photo shoots. Ridpath utilizes the camera lens to examine even the most mundane scenes with an artistic eye. He seeks out the small details that most people overlook, whether he is capturing the majestic fountain stationed outside Kansas City Union Station, a sunflower as it dances in the wind or the serenity of a horse grazing in the field. He also photographs people in compelling ways to bring out the beauty of their work and mission.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Wichita State University, Ridpath slowly drifted away from his childhood obsession as he pursued a career in graphic design. Then, in 1991, Adobe Photoshop debuted on the market, opening up an entirely new world of artistic possibilities that finally allowed Ridpath to marry his passions for photography and graphic arts.

A pioneer in developing plugins for the popular photoediting program, MacWeek magazine recognized Ridpath for creating SmartGif, an add-on that enables users to splice a Photoshop file into multiple .gif files. A credentialed Adobe Certified Expert and self-described “Photoshop freak,” Ridpath founded Photoshop Island, an online outlet that offers hobbyists, amateur and professional photographers access to complimentary, low-cost and royalty-free tools, including brush sets, actions and layered designs.

Merging his talents in photography, technology and design, Ridpath expertly interweaves what the camera captures with what can be achieved outside the camera. His varied skills not only change what he shoots but also how the subject is captured. Just as content to digest an hour of “Star Trek” as he is to rock out a Weird Al Yankovic track, Ridpath is captivated by vintage American pop culture, which serves as the centerpiece for his fine art photography creations.