Nick Carswell

Nick Carswell


   1010 Hilltop Drive, Lawrence, KS

Nick Carswell is originally from Limerick, Ireland. He has studied music, maths and philosophy at University College Dublin, sound engineering in Temple Bar’s Sound Training Centre and an M.Phil in Music and Media Technologies in Trinity College Dublin.

Nick is a multimedia artist without much regard for staying in one box. He has directed several short films, worked as a radio presenter and producer, curated music programming for theatres and music venues, and even driven the odd tour bus across the country. Nick also runs an indie record label Silly Goose Records, performs regularly as a musician.

Nick’s original works vary to include the electro-ambient album State of Play and the acoustic-folk-rock band The Elective Orchestra, as well as many varied original compositions, scores and soundtracks. For his M.Phil thesis project, he also produced a feature-length audio-drama, The Line, Broken. He is formerly a member of The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra and frequently performs with numerous other musical groups throughout the country (and around the world).

Nick is currently based in Lawrence, Kansas, where he is Program Manager at Audio-Reader Network, and contributor to Kansas Public Radio. Nick is also a commissioned East Ninth artist as part of the ArtPlace America-funded East Ninth Project. Current musical projects include the indie-rock bands Carswell & Hope and Pink Royal, and the remodeled music collective Silly Goose Records.