Raina Watson

Raina Watson

Literary - Multi-Disciplinary - Music - Visual - installation


Website: http://rainawatson.com

Blog URL: https://rainathedeity.com/blog-1


   220 admiral blvd # 310, Kansas City, MO, 64106

Being a creative has always been my calling, it’s etched in my blood. Since I was a little kid- I’ve had paintbrushes, pens, pencils, cameras, and instruments in my hands. These tools gave me the power to create worlds, even if just on a piece of paper.

My art is inspired by intense energy. In any form, I take what lays before me and amplify it to it’s greatest peaks and valleys through my reflection. Our light cannot shine if there is no dark. Our heart cannot sing if it doesn’t know what a totality of silence feels like.

As I move through life I find that my style of intensity doesn’t end in my physical art, I put my whole self into everything I do. Passion comes from my need to create. As a human, if I do not create, I am not living out one of our many important purposes. Gently I walk my way, thank you for joining me in my journey.