Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez


   10905 Bennington Ave, Kansas City, MO, 64134

Writing for me has always been a form of therapy; a way to process the trauma and uncertainty in my life. I was born in Mexico and raised by my grandmother and other strangers. I came to this country as an undocumented minor, a perilous and traumatic journey I often write about.

I started to write poetry in my native tongue, Spanish, then English became my second and more dominant language when I arrive in the United States. In 2018 I self-published a poetry book title ‘Disclosure: Confessions of a Queer in Crisis‘ to address my experience as a queer person of color in a white dating world. I perform with a group of queer people of color called “La Resistencia” and I serve on the Latino Writers Collective Board. I want to continue to write and perform because I care deeply about the communities I serve; my vision is to create content that is relevant and responsive to the issues facing these communities.