Nichole Peacher

Nichole Peacher


   8401 ne 97th ter, Kansas City, MO, 64157

I am an artist and teacher, always looking for a way to contemplate the world and to connect to the present.  I enjoy playing with colors of a limited palette, abstracted form, flattened space, distorted perspective, and varied textures. I prefer experimenting in several mediums rather than mastering one, and I enjoy exploring other visual art forms like sculpture, and printmaking.

I make jewelry and have my work in a gallery in Kansas City, Missouri. I teach high school Ceramics. I take as many classes as I can in as many different mediums as I can to increase my knowledge so that I can share my knowledge with others.

Art is about community.  I hope that my art will resonate with my audience on an imaginative and emotional level and inspire them to contemplate their own relationship to the world.