Catharine Deever

Catharine Deever

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   14489 W 118TH TER, Olathe, KS, 66062

Catharine A. Deever formalized her life-long involvement in the visual arts when she launched her company “River Dee Designs”, January 2018, with the filing for her trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Born to a protestant church minister and an elementary school teacher, Catharine benefitted from meeting and learning from experts around the world, those who excelled in a wide variety of professions.

At the age of 16, Catharine left her home in the US to study for a year as an exchange student in Germany. It was in Germany that she gained appreciation of photography – and began studying it.

Returning to America to graduate with a BA degree in foreign languages and a Masters degree in Communication Arts, Catharine received more formalized instruction in Theatre (set design, lighting and costume construction) – along with oratory / forensic communications and debate.

After graduation, she became a teacher – and her career evolved into

* corporate training
* government administration
* non-profit management and advocacy
* directing, filming and editing training films

Now, a digital artist, Catharine creates new images from foundation photographs – transforming reality into a better “what could be”.

Catharine’s varied artworks have been heavily influenced by the diversity of the cultures in which she’s worked and lived . . . and her drive, molded by a community-caring family, is solely focused on benefitting the people her artwork serves.