Catherine Lynott

Catherine Lynott

   4140 Oak St apt.5, Kansas City, MO, 64111

Catherine’s work focuses on the symbiotic relationship between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom and functions as a method to bridge the gap that has formed between the two over time. When working with nature Catherine also has a focus on the human-caused ecological disasters occurring around the world today. Research is thoroughly embedded in her work. Deep dives into data and statistics inform her projects while her art simultaneously embraces the emotional realm with imagery and materiality to evoke empathy in her viewers. She brings animals to a point in which empathy can be found despite being non-human entities.

    Catherine Lynott was born in 2000 in Aurora, Colorado. She studied at Regis Jesuit High School and spent 3 of those 4 years studying under Heather Delzell a working artist and Alumnus of the Kansas City Art Institute where Catherine would go on to study in 2018 and will graduate with a BFA and Certificate in Asian Studies in 2022. Catherine has taken part in multiple group exhibitions such as Continental League Art Show, Lone Tree Arts Center, CO (2016); Things we Carry, Kansas City Art Institute, MO (2018);  Journey to the East Connections, not Borders, Leedy-Voulkous  Art  Center, MO (2019);  Hybrid Hardness, Kansas City Art Institute, MO (2020); and  3, KCAI Gallery, MO (2021). 

    Catherine has also received multiple awards and scholarships such as  SAIC Distinguished Scholar Scholarship, Chicago, IL (2017);   Creative Vision Award, Maryland Institute College of Art, MD( 2018);  Trustee’s Scholarship, Kansas City Art Institute, MO (2018) as well as the Mckowen Grant, MO (2021).