Leonard LeDoux

Leonard LeDoux

   11801 East 86th Street, Kansas City, MO, 64138

I am a lifelong artist. There has never been a time where I can remember not making stuff. I’m a teacher and a painter.

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas but live in Raytown, Missouri. I went to Northeast Junior High, Sumner High School and then graduated from F. L. Schlagle High School.

I served in the U.S. Army for 22 years. I later graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City and received a bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s of Arts in Education from the University of Saint Mary. I have never been school trained in Painting or drawing, but have been doing this all of my life. Faces are special. You remember them long after you forget names.

My paintings have a traditional classical style with a more modern look. My goal is to capture color and depth while incorporating elements from typography to abstraction to nonobjective.

Most of the painting are acrylic on canvas but occasionally I’ll experiment with other mediums.

All of the artwork that have been submitted with this application is an attempt to show diversity in my soul as well as an open mind toward the world. I am an artist that loves to express myself through all types of subjects, not just certain genres.