Justin Border

Justin Border


Website: http://www.justinborder.com


   1732 N. 42nd St., Kansas City, KS, 66102

In my current series of sculptural painting work, I am exploring visual storytelling. Through the combination of human figures, elements taken from collaged studies and preliminary drawings and an organic texture that mimics topography, an overall dreamlike atmosphere is constructed. Each piece has a narrative, a sense of reminiscing or of folklore. The story lives somewhere between the conscious and subconscious, within their own imaginary realm that we create when viewing them.

Process, collecting, re-purposing materials and research are important factors within my working style and I find myself following many of the same patterns when approaching a new work. Small collage and drawing studies allow for a mash-up of imagery that I may edit or add to when creating the final design. I create each sculptural canvas using newspaper, plastic bags, cardboard and wheat paste. The repetitive, meditative movements of the process allows me to hone in on the source of inspiration and clearly translate it to the completed work.