Royal Scanlon

Royal Scanlon

Now Showing - Visual - Composite Imaging- Photo/Graphic Art. A blending of Graphic Artwork & Photography

   5748 Kenwood, Kansas City, MO, 64110

A little about Myself and My Art

My involvement in the creative process, nurtured by my mother (a talented artist in her own right) started at a very early age. With her guidance I began drawing and painting as a youth and studying art in earnest throughout my years of schooling. For example, in what would ordinarily be ones junior and senior years of high school here in the USA, I attended two schools simultaneously, spending half of my days at high school and half days at a vocational school, receiving a high school diploma from the former and a two year degree in Commercial Art from the latter.

With time and changes my focus (no pun intended) shifted into the photographic arts as well, and soon I began combining the two disciplines, graphic arts and photography.

In the end my work might best be described as a “composite imaging” technique. I look at the images I’ve taken, find which elements within those images most fascinate me, isolate them and then combine them with elements from others of my photographs as well as interjecting elements created using my graphic art training and skills and, keep right on doing that until, I discover that which I was meant to discover when I embarked upon the journey in the first place. That is to say, I follow the muse wherever it leads me and in so doing, my art creates itself.