Dec 06 2019
Jan 31 2020
Flora vs Industry December opening presented by  at ,

Flora vs Industry December opening

Presented by Beco Gallery at Beco Gallery

Rachels soft dream-like paintings will be contrasted with Jeff’s sharp mechanical looking assembled sculptures.

“While meditating on the relationship between the balance of nature and the constant
evolution of spirit, I discover and express my inner world- a complex and groundless realm of
femininely symbolic environments.
I pull inspiration from seasons and nature, allowing the surrounding ephemera to
influence the imagery of my paintings. Layered marks and strokes blur the viewer’s perception
of figure and ground, causing the viewer to feel as if they are both outside and within the world
of the paintings. The dense, intricate layering of mark-making produces an intuitively forged
structure of perennial form, implying an abiding and boundless source of creation.”

Rachel received her MFA from the University of Kansas and her BFA from Kansas State
University. She lives and works in Kansas City.

Much could be construed from Jeff’s emphasis on industry, and materialism next to Rachels abstract and imaginary gardens, full of life and bounty.

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Phone: 816-472-4242


Dates & Times

2019/12/06 - 2020/01/31

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Beco Gallery

1922 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO