Aug 04 2017
Sep 27 2017
She & Her by Teresa Magel First Friday Art Opening presented by Hilliard Gallery at Hilliard Gallery, Kansas City MO

She & Her by Teresa Magel First Friday Art Opening

Presented by Hilliard Gallery at Hilliard Gallery

“I want to display them all together, not only as a representation of my previous style and my new style, but, as insight into who I was versus who I am”. Teresa’s earlier work style, done mainly in acrylics, was softer, more innocent, and was an important part of what makes her.  A increase use of oil paints in her new works, display more of “Who I am now.”  Although Teresa retains that softness, there is now a bit more “fierce” and “bold” mixed in.

Metamorphosis is important and so is growth.  One should be able to say  “I’m grateful for her- the person I once was,  but I love being this person that I am now”. Teresa’s work includes multiple elements which she uses to create paintings that represent a quiet calm of femininity. Her figures are often identifiable by their large coiffures of hair and by their dreamlike closed eyes, factors which lend them a sense of serenity. The elements of nature that she often includes in her work are flowers, butterflies, bees, dragonflies and especially hummingbirds- employed for their delicate fragility. Accompanying the visual aspects of her work are infusions of emotion, of feelings, and passionate sentiment which is the ultra effeminate essence of a woman.
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Phone: 816-561-2956

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2017/08/04 - 2017/09/27

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She & Her Opening Reception is August 4, 6-10

Artist will be present

Show runs through Sept. 27th

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Hilliard Gallery

1820 McGee, Kansas City, MO 64108