Dec 12 - 31 2017
Cerbera Gallery presents: Winter Salon II presented by Cerbera Gallery at Cerbera Gallery, Kansas City MO

Cerbera Gallery presents: Winter Salon II

Presented by Cerbera Gallery at Cerbera Gallery

Enjoy an exciting line-up of emerging and renowned artists during Cerbera Gallery’s “Winter Salon II”. Original paintings & drawings, photography, prints & editions, ceramics and local + hand-made jewelry – all making great gift ideas for the holiday season and beyond. Our intimate showcase features works by local, national and international artists with price points that primarily range between $50-$250. We are excited to show many artists for the first time in Kansas City, so make sure to stop by and enjoy an exquisite collection of fine art works displayed in a festive atmosphere. Like last year we offer patrons a glass of German Gluehwein (spiced German wine) and cookies as well as gift wrapping.

 Artists’ Info:

New to the Winter Salon will be Clinton Marstall, who grew up in a rural community in northeastern Kansas.  It is there on the open prairie that he fostered an interest in the various plants, insects, animals, and natural phenomena that inform his work today. Cheryl Eve Acosta’s sculptural jewelry challenges traditional concepts of wearable art. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows in Santa Fe, Atlanta, Chicago, Seoul, Florence and Munich and her work has been featured in numerous publications. Nicolas Dhervillers’s approach decompartmentalizes the photographic medium. He is inspired by cinematic, theatrical and pictorial writing and his works are included in numerous private and public collections in Europe, North America and Asia.

Tineke van Gils’ ceramic career started in the eighties in Amsterdam and continued on her husband’s diary farm near to Delft. Tineke’s dance partner is porcelain on the potters wheel. Teapots are her favorite, they brought invitations from China. Tineke’s work is exhibited in The Netherlands and internationally; this Holiday Season for the first time in Kansas City.

Nick Schleich is another artist exhibiting for the first time in Kansas City during our Winter Salon. He tries to capture raw, candid moments in his portraits oftentimes shooting from the hip so his subjects don’t know they’re being photographed- thus behaving more naturally and making for a more genuine glimpse into their personality.  Amy Ayars latest work focuses on large and small-scale organic forms that relate non-directly to the human figure and the other organisms in the natural world. She uses clay as her main medium and then photographs these pieces in natural settings with a fantastical edge to create fresh, alternate realities where these creatures may exist. Brandi Whithington amasses large quantities of small yet common consumer products, and devising a growth system for their collective attachment. She evolves these materials into organic forms reminiscent of animal hair, mineral formations, and crystalline structures.

Brandon Schnur creates ceramic in the form of confined or obstructed animals as an attempt to comment on his need for humanities accountability concerning our environment and our world. Humanity has a tendency to claim nature as its own. These selfish and short-sited actions are the starting points for his work. Shiyuan Xu draws her inspirations from nature, which has created an inexhaustible wealth of wondrous forms, particularly at the microscopic level. Viewing through the lens fascinates her. It is an unusual experience to observe the diversity of the spectacular hidden world. Clay allows Yoonjee Kwak to tell the story of her memories that are left behind from diverse and unpredictable relationships between others and herself. Her memories are expressed by using precarious and fragile forms. These memories can be represented in her work through exploration of the duality between weakness and strength.

Keith Young’s canvases use an array of mixed media to rearrange the world as it is presented to him; he crosses boundaries of materials, genres, subject matter, and themes to discover life through an ever-expanding collection of images and techniques; collage, drawing, over-painting, applique, and embellishments. Sean O’Connell is a potter. He believes in the beauty of handmade objects. Making pots is a deliberate attempt at slowing down, connecting to something deeper, and taking time to appreciate the pleasure of labor. Over the years, Terry Dixon enhanced his techniques on canvas by combining my photographic images with acrylic paint, oil pastels, and ink. During Terry Dixon’s years of experimenting with digital technology, he has found and interesting marriage between traditional studio techniques and digital media.

In his compositions Travis Porter layers color and cropped pieces of patterns to create secondary images. At the same time, he is building secondary colors he is splitting the patterns into smaller facets. Each intersection is a story of syncretism. He wants to show the relationships between the primary forms and the unpredictable beauty they create when combined. Mike Stumbras’ work explores the beauty and horror of our existential uncertainties as creatures seeking meaning in a microcosm. These pots combine inspirations from historical production ceramics with contemporary studio art practices in wheel thrown and soda fired cone 11 porcelain. Alice Ballard’s art is a reflection of her relationship with natural forms. These forms come to her on walks, while Ballard works in her garden, or appear as gifts from friends who share her fascination with the beauty inherent in Nature’s abundant variety of forms. It is often the metamorphosis of nature’s forms, as they change from season to season, that attracts her.

Other artists featured in our Winter Salon II include Akio Takamori, Kensuke Yamada, Angie Jennings, Thayer Bray, Harris Deller, Kyungmin Park, Melanie Sherman, Mariko Paterson, Dirk Reinartz, Nat Finkelstein, Thomas Florschuetz, Kerry Smith, Tyler Lotz, Ken Price, Jamie Bates Slone, Keira Norton, Kwok Pong “Bobby” Tso, Steven Young Lee, Kimberly LaVonne, Brady McLearan, Bob Schultz, Rain Harris, Joey Watson, Samantha McPherson, Carly Slade, Shannon Deatrick, David Bolton Kate Schroeder, Mitchell Spain, Daniela Abel, Ron English, Jean Tinguely, Hans Hartung, Tamara Walker, Jen Watson, Jen Wilkenson, Cydney Ross, Randee Pollarine and many more.

As usual we’ll have chilled background tunes coming from our very own DJ Deep House Cat and will be serving libations and snacks. Our doors will open at 4pm, so make sure you’ll stop by!


Dates & Times

2017/12/12 - 2017/12/31

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First Friday April: 4pm – 8pm
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed either 1-5pm or by appointment (844.202.9303)
Thu, Fri from 1-6pm and Sat from 11-6pm.

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Cerbera Gallery

2011 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108