Central Area Betterment Association located in Kansas City KS

Central Area Betterment Association

Art - Education - Family - Festival - Non-Profit

Website: https://www.CABAKCK.org


 1303 Central Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66102

At the CABA a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment is one where all members, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability, feels valued and respected. The CABA is committed to a nondiscriminatory approach and provide equal opportunity for participation and advancement in all our areas of activities, programs, events as well as work facilities. The organization respects and values diverse life experiences and heritages and ensure that all voices are valued and heard.

The CABA is committed to modeling diversity and inclusion for the entire community, and to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all. To provide informed, authentic leadership for cultural equity, the CABA strives to: See diversity, inclusion, and equity as connected to the CABA’s mission and critical to ensure the well-being of all members and the community it serves.

CABA’s Mission shall be to improve the Quality of Life and Economic Development of the Central Avenue Area and all other Territories of Operation.


Our Response to COVID-19 :

During 2020 we gave free food to our community and promoted healthy activities from protecting individuals to safe physicals activity. We are now engaging in vaccination education.