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 1132 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64106

Latino Arts Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to bring forth the fiercely authentic voice of the underrepresented artists through their diverse stories, cultures and beliefs creating an artist based space OF their community FOR their community.
We envision a community that values artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our organization fosters artistic passion and builds capacity within Kansas City’s creative sector. Our programs work to honor cultural identity and heal historic inequities.

Components of Latino Arts Foundation
Latino Arts Festival
The Latino Arts festival is a space where artists of all genres and backgrounds can come together for one weekend to celebrate their art. The participating artists are able to connect with other artists in their community and especially to the young aspiring artists whom this may be their first showing to the public.
The festival is a place where it does not matter your race, your genre or how accomplished you are as an artist. We accept all. The festival is no cost to participate to ensure no one is over looked or not given the chance to participate due to financial status. Art: Share – Inspire – Reflect
The festival includes entertainment, food and art on metal in the form of a lowrider car show.
Latino Arts Foundation, Inc. Scholarship
The Latino Arts Foundation, Inc. will fundraise to support the ‘Latino Arts Foundation, Inc. Scholarship’. Funding from our scholarship is awarded to a student interested in pursuing a career in the arts.
Latino Arts Foundation – Art Mentorship Program
The Latino Arts Foundation Art mentorship program is an unconventional mentoring program focusing on the talent of the students while embracing and supporting their creative imaginations. Mentors and mentees will explore all genres of art including visual, creative writing and theater. The students inspire the mentors as much as the mentors inspire the students.
Lowrider Education & Chicano Culture Education
• Lowrider Art – including but not limited to visual art, model car builds, pinstriping
• Apprentice, mentorship and career opportunities
• History of Chicano Culture

Location Info

Latino Arts Foundation

1132 Oak Street

Kansas City, MO 64106