The Culture House Stage and Studio at Oak Park Mall located in Overland Park KS

The Culture House Stage and Studio at Oak Park Mal...

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 11167 W 95th St, Overland Park, KS 66214

The Culture House started with a belief that artists shape our culture — and that every child is created by God uniquely, with a treasure of untold potential. In that spirit, artistic training provided to children is an investment not only in the lives of each student, but in the future of our society.

Jeremiah and Mona Enna moved from Sweden and founded The Culture House in 1996 as both an arts organization and a Christian organization.

Individually, the arts have been proven to have a tangible effect on a student’s success in academics, personal confidence and public demeanor. Holistically, the arts have the power to shape, preserve and guide our common culture. The Culture House was established for the entire community as a grassroots effort to apply Christian thought and living into arts culture in an accessible, meaningful and excellent way.

Almost every town in Europe has a Culture House, a gathering place where neighbors engage in the arts. You’re invited to become part of Kansas City’s Culture House, a place dedicated to artistic excellence. We offer professional education and performances in dance, theatre, music and art, for children and adults throughout our community.

We look forward to sharing in the results as we celebrate the success of our students in many areas of their lives.

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The Culture House Stage and Studio at Oak Park Mal...

11167 W 95th St

Overland Park, KS 66214