Raj Ma Hall

Raj Ma Hall located in Kansas City MO



Raj Ma Hall is the studio and home of Roger Guibor-MacBride, local sculptor, artist, and community organizer. He presents his Raj Ma Hall STUDIO VISIT and CONCERT SERIES and Missouri Riverboat Carnival Concerts as an offering to the community in support of our local Kansas City artists and musicians and an intersection of COVID SAFE outdoor community fellowship and sanctuary. His Missouri River concerts come from a passion for the conservation and protection of our greatest resource of natural

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Subscription Website: https://www.rajmahall.org


Our Response to COVID-19:

Proof of Vaccination is required for admittance to events at Raj Ma Hall but not at the concerts being presented on the river.  We strongly recommend you are vaccinated for the river concerts.  Patrons should space their chair bubbles 6 feet apart from each other. We ask that patrons wear masks when not seated.  There is hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap available.