Underground Homies

Underground Homies located in Kansas City MO



Underground Homies exists to be the connector between the city and its local artists and businesses.

By crafting experiences and opportunities for neighbors to connect and engage with their local artists, we join together with local businesses to plan and execute events and concerts that spotlight the incredible talent and soul of the community.

We also provide a practical network for artists and communities to grow, learn, and engage with one another that will bridge the gap between the

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Subscription or membership information, if applicable.:

Reach out to us via social media or email us while we get all of our membership in place :)


Our Response to COVID-19:

Our response to the COVID situation is to help create experiences that provide intimate yet spacious places for neighbors (audiences) to get to know and engage with artists and their work.  We don’t require vaccinations or masks but allow the people to make the choice they feel most comfortable within the environments. Most of our spaces are designed