Cody Kauhl

Cody Kauhl


Cody Kauhl is a digital multimedia artist that pairs found sound and video with the intimacy of the human voice. His work has been performed at international and national festivals and conferences including the International Computer Music Conference and Society of Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States. He is currently treasurer of the Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance (KcEMA), vice-president of No Divide KC, and member of electronic/pop duo Catherinette. Cody graduated in

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Professional Services: Band, Visual Commissioned Work, Photographer, Professional Development


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  • What better way to keep us from meaningful, focused work than with "More Irrelevant Facts That Will [insert exaggerated emotional response here]" This composition acts as a metaphor for all topical Internet content presented as a list of random, nonsensical bullet points designed to hold fleeting attentions. Coincidentally, most content from these Internet posts and feeds are also transient in cultural relevance. These heart-felt stories, memes, or pop culture references fade into irrelevance within weeks of their inception as new topics vie for significance. Fortunately, the popularity of numbered lists may soon grow tiresome and the purpose of this composition will become as transitory as the subject it examines.


  • Commissioned by soprano Mikaela Sullivan for performance in April 2014, Excursus explores the methods in which modern television broadcasting attempts to fulfill different facets of human desire, thus propagating the continued use of the medium. The composition consists of three songs, each of which focuses on instinctive desires, quick fixes that palliate, or intellectual satisfaction. Current television programming attempts to satisfy these desires and fabricated need with sitcoms, pharmaceutical ads, and political slander, respectively.