Dana Mengel

I am a composer with over 1,000 sacred sacred choral pieces published nationally and internationally from 1990 to 2010.

In recent years, I have turned his efforts to composing for my first love – the strings.

Many of these new pieces were “prairie dances” which I developed with my brother Leslie. Some of the dances were based on the paintings of American artist George Caleb Bingham.

That effort resulted in the album “Inspired by Bingham” and my compositions were included in the

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  • \"Celestial Chimes\" is the Fifth Movement of Mengel\'s Serenata #2. This is a performance by the Centropolis String Ensemble


  • This is recording of six movements from Mengel\'s \"Oregon Trail Suite.\"

  • These are selections from Mengel\'s CD \"Inspired by Bingham.\" Mengel wrote several compositions based on painting and portraits by Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham

  • This is recording of Mengel\'s Serenata #2 as performed by the Centropolis String Ensemble