Kimberly Marney

Kimberly Marney



I am a nature abstract painter exploring images I’ve seen, photographed or created. I communicate those images and feelings through intuitive mark making. While I have always been an artist, I came to painting in mid-life as a natural expression of all I have done before.

My childhood in east central Kansas allowed me to explore nature daily. Stargazing, hiking through the woods, sipping nectar from clover flowers, gazing up at the sky and the powerful pact the ocean has had in my life gave ... view more »

Professional Services

Professional Services: Visual Commissioned Work


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  • Gallery 1 - Kimberly Marney
  • Gallery 2 - Kimberly Marney
  • Gallery 3 - Kimberly Marney
  • Gallery 4 - Kimberly Marney
  • Gallery 5 - Kimberly Marney
  • Blue Horizon (color field series)

Open Studio Fall Fest

Presented by Rock Cottage Glassworks at Rock Cottage Glassworks

Oct 28 - Oct 29, 2023