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Sarah Taylor

\\\"In Bloom\\\"

I have early memories of creating collages on my family’s living room in rural western Nebraska. I have always been creating something or looking through maps and atlases. Most of my techniques are self-taught. I love to combine my love of art and travel together. I earned a M. Ed. From Avila University in 2019 and work at a nonprofit. I find nonprofit work very fulfilling, but also love creating things as a way to not only express myself, but to heal mentally and spiritually. Art is an outlet for me that brings me comfort and joy, and I want others to feel that when they see it as well. I believe that art is a strong way to share how we think and feel. I took some professional art classes in undergraduate studies and have experience in a wide variety of mediums, including acrylic painting, photography and graphic design. Collage has always been my favorite, though. My subject matter usually has something to do with maps, travel, or has an overall sense of wanderlust. I like to use inspirational or sarcastic words on my collages. I want my work to be whimsical and colorful. My artwork is not simple, it often has many things to look at. I often spend a lot of time picking out my images, and there is some strong calculation to it. There are usually a mix of colors and shapes that I use. I love experimenting! I am constantly learning and trying new materials and images. I especially like using books and maps that others may want to discard, and giving them new life. My goal is ... view more »



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