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Terry Runyan

Mushroom Lover

Terry Runyan is a visual artist, creative encourager and cat lover.  She lives in Kansas City with her two kitties Rylee & Tucker.  She loves sharing with others about creativity and being an artist. In addition to her YouTube videos, she has several courses on Teachable and Skillshare ranging from art style to storytelling illustration.  She is the author of Painting Happiness – Creativity with Watercolor and Painting Cats – Curios, Mindful, & Free-Spirited Watercolor.

In addition to teaching, she also runs her own online business with variety of merchandise adorned with her kitties and various other cute animal friends and women.   Plus, Terry licenses her work for greeting cards, needle point, games, puzzles, ceramics, jewelry and other gifts.  She has also done extensive work with local animal shelters to decorate their buildings, signage and newsletters.

Terry’s artwork is very relatable and popular on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and her online courses.  She shares her process videos but also does more personal videos around creativity and navigating the inner critic.  She runs a Daily Creating Group on Facebook with over 14k members.  She encourages others to create just for fun, taking the expectations out of the process.


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Professional Services: Visual Commissioned Work, Teaching Artist | Presenter

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