Cabaret Arts and Social Theatre of Kansas City (C.A.S.T. KC)

Cabaret Arts and Social Theatre of Kansas City (C.A.S.T. KC) located in Overland Park KS



Cabaret Arts and Social Theatre of Kansas City (C.A.S.T. KC) is founded on a mission to provide a welcoming, vibrant venue for Adult Artists to share their performance gifts in Theater, Music and Dance with the wider KC metro community. This multifunctional space focuses the lens of Artistry and Movement on the visual, auditory and kinetic arts available to a widespread social network of participants from the larger Kansas City Metro Area. Facilitating the renewal of vaudeville-style theatre, ... view more »


Subscription or membership information, if applicable.:

Becoming a monthly member to C.A.S.T. gives you access to community spaces, special events, and discounted rates on classes and parties, so you can take your skills to the next level, and get plenty of time in doing what you LOVE. Membership Levels: 5 Class Pass ($60) - Any Five (5) Open Classes at C.A.S.T., Includes social dances, dance classes, fitness, and yoga, valid for 3 months from date of purchase. 2 Choice Pass ($75) - Mix and match between any 2 dance classes per week Debut Member ($128) - Unlimited open classes per month, 5% off special workshops and series, Early Access Ticket Sales to all Showcases Pro Starter ($139) - Unlimited Access during Open-Floor hours, Solo Rehearsal/Practice Space Pro Growth ($249) - Unlimited Open Floor for Practice (Plus one practice guest), Unlimited open classes (no guests), 15% discounts on closed classes and workshops Pro Business ($299) - 24/7 facility access, Unlimited Open Floor to host private instruction, Unlimited Open Floor for practice

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