Inspired Aesthetics

Inspired Aesthetics located in Grandview MO


INSPIRED AESTHETICS is an organization that helps teens in grades 9 – 12 who have a passion for the arts, but lack the resources or access to pursue it, by providing intentionally created safe spaces to grow and create. 

Our mission is to provide access to spaces that inspire and engage young people in the Kansas City, MO metropolitan area through the power of the arts, and provide free enrichment opportunities to foster creativity, self expression, growth, and learning.

With highly qualified

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Our Response to COVID-19:

In response to COVID-19 we are launching a series of virtual and socially distant artistic opportunities for teens.

With schools going virtual and families choosing to keep their kids home, now more than ever, teens are in need of a creative release. Art, creativity, and self expression are powerful tools, especially during difficult times.

While COVID has already taken a lot, our goal is to give something back. Something young people can get excited about and continues creativity and skill building outside of school hours.