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Jean McGuire

Indigenous Madonna, oil on canvas, 24 x 24 inches, ©2023

Jean McGuire returned to painting a few years ago after a 40-year hiatus. Happily, even though she wasn’t actively working on her art, her ability to view the world in colors and shapes never went away. She was able to take those observations and transfer them to her canvas while maintaining the curiosity and wonder of a newcomer.

“I am fascinated by using a limited palette to create colors. I was taught in grade school that an artist only needs to use red, yellow, blue, and white to create every color. A background in commercial printing embedded that belief even deeper. I like to breakdown my paintings into the layers of color you would see if you were color separating a four-color process photograph. I complete this breakdown in my mind, with no computer aids, and it still thrills me to see the depth evolve as the layers go down.”

Jean has had no formal art training, but has been fortunate to work with many talented Kansas City artists who have helped shape her vision and her work. She has exhibited throughout the Kansas City area and has been included in two International exhibits.

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  • The Gift of Her Song, 24 x 24 inches, oil on canvas

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